Services at Anchor Paper Express

NEW! Retail Paper Packs

Roseville is now offering Retail Paper Packs for purchase. Paper Packs are less expensive for buyers than paying per pound of paper because each individual sheet will cost less when it is in a Paper Pack. The Paper Packs will also keep your paper protected, you will no longer find pesky dents or crinkles in your paper. Along with benefiting the customer, Retail Paper Packs are also helpful on our end. Our employees will now be able to keep track of which papers are top-sellers and create an inventory. This means they will be able to have popular papers stocked at all times for your convenience.


DIY Invitations

Our invitation business is do-it-yourself (DIY); meaning we will provide the paper and show you how to get started but you will do the work yourself.

We carry a wide variety of colored and textured paper to use for your invitations. We also have a variety of invitation dies to choose from. Once you have picked out your paper and have an idea of what invitation you want to use, we will assist you in calculating the quantities needed to place your order.

A payment is required upon placing the order. Orders take about 2-3 days to fill, depending on if we have the paper in stock. We will call you once the order is ready to be picked up.

We recommend reserving a time to use our classroom space. Our die cutting machines are in high demand and reserving a time to use the machines will ensure one is available when you need it.

If you feel you need more individual attention with designing your invitations, please call ahead to make an appointment with one of our employees.

We also offer die cutting and assembling the invitations for you at an additional cost. Please contact the stores directly for pricing and minimum requirements. 



We have a classroom that is free to use when you buy your paper at either our Plymouth or Roseville Express locations. It is not required to make an appointment to use this space, but reserving a time before you come in ensures a space will be available for your use. Please note, reserving the classroom does not mean you are reserving a die cutting machine. When you call, please specify what you are planning to use.


Paper Cutting

Each store has a large industrial size paper cutter that allows us to cut text and cover weight paper, vellum, fome-cor® and chipboard. Please contact the stores for pricing and size requirements.

When cutting text weight paper: To get a smooth, clean cut, we need to cut a minimum of 10 sheets of text weight paper.

When cutting cover weight paper: To get a smooth, clean cut, we need to cut a minimum of 5 sheets of cover weight paper.


Knowledgeable Staff

We have a knowledgeable staff that will help you find the perfect paper for your project. Whether it is a crafting or fine paper project, our employees have years of experience that will benefit you during your stop at our Express stores.

For contact information, please visit the Contact page.


Minimum Order Requirements

Unlike Anchor Paper, we do not require a minimum order fee. You are able to buy as little as one piece of paper or one envelope. We do however have a couple requirements when it comes to ordering paper and special orders.

When we transfer parent sheets from Anchor Paper's whole sale division, you are required to order at least 10 parent sheets. The minimum is required when we transfer stock from Anchor Paper main and does not apply to Express store transfers. The minimum transfer is in place to help paper stay in good condition while being transferred on the truck.

Minimum order requirements vary between special orders. Please contact the Express stores for more information regarding special order.