The Specification Department at Anchor Paper Co.

The Specification Department at Anchor is a key to the success of our business. Anchor has maintained a strong specification department for 25 years. In order to serve our audience well, we have a full-time employee working with our customers: designers, printers, corporations and agencies.


Your Anchor Specification Rep is here to solve your challenges

We have paper that is out-of-the-ordinary, to really “wow” your client. And we’ll let you know if it needs special print techniques.

We will find out if the paper you want is currently in stock at Anchor for tomorrow’s delivery to your printer.

We will construct a mockup of your project.

We can find envelopes to match the stationery you are designing.

We will help you source stock made up of 100% post-consumer-waste fiber.

Last-minute changes in paper availability can make you tear out your hair! Let us help you find an available alternative.

Are you trying to match a paper that was manufactured in 1985? We can help!


Dave Lundell
Specification Representative



The Sample Department at Anchor Paper Co.

The Sample Department at Anchor Paper provides a valuable service to printers and designers as they plan and produce communication materials. This is where our vast library of sample sheets and swatch books is kept up-to-date and in order.


The Sample Room Coordinator fulfills requests, assisting our customers by:

  • Sending out flat sheets of the paper choices they need to consider for their projects.

  • Compiling sample cabinets consisting of swatch books from all the mills we represent.

  • Constructing paper mockups of brochures, folders, flyers, and other marketing pieces.

  • Providing information to help clients find the best stock for their current project.

The Specification and Sample departments are proud to partner with our mills to assist the graphic arts industry in every way we can. We will be glad to help you source ideas, technical processes, and any type of stock to meet your specific needs.

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