A Brief History of Anchor Paper Co.


To know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been. Anchor Paper Co. has had some notable moments through the years that have shaped our company while defining and reflecting our industry.


May 15, 1923 The Birth of Anchor Paper Co.

Anchor Paper Co. was formed through the collective investments of J. Mark Dadglish the first President of the company, Georg Gibson general sales manager of Mosinee Paper, Harry Matthewson President of Paper Supply and David Syme Secretary.


The company bought out the wrapping paper department of Leslie-Donahower Paper Co. It was agreed upon that Anchor would confine its efforts to coarse paper (industrial) and not rep Fine Paper lines for a number of years. So we focused on tape, tissue, paper bags, wrapping paper, etc. So even in the beginning we were involved in things other than paper.



 J. Mark Daglish left Anchor selling his interest to Howard Allan (“Dick”) Hartinger who succeeded him as president. Dave Syme continued as Secretary & Treasurer, devoting most of his time to selling.



The company expanded into the seed germination paper arena, one of many innovations to contribute to our success over the years.



At this time Anchor Paper entered the fine paper field, which was advantageous because of the type of paper needed by business in the ensuing years. Mills such as Nekoosa, Strathmore, Riverside, Consolidated, and Appleton, were manufacturing paper for ledger, mimeograph machines, and duplicating machines, as well as for commercial printing.



It was with great pride that a new building was purchased. Completely “modern in design” and “built of reinforced concrete, making it fireproof throughout.” The location was strategic, resulting in efficient distribution to all parts of the Twin Cities.



Anchor began representing Lantech, a maker of large packaging machines. It was about this time that the third generation of Hartingers was introduced to the paper business. Both Linda and Elizabeth Hartinger began working in sales support positions, with the goal of learning about all aspects of the industry.



Ham Hartinger bought Anchor Paper Company in its entirety and became the sole owner of the company.



Ham Hartinger purchased land in Hudson, Wisconsin, which increased the productivity of the company’s industrial division. Hudson is located 20 miles east of St. Paul. At this facility, all of the industrial packaging is converted to customers’ specifications.



 Anchor added 15,000 square feet to the existing building.



Ham Hartinger sold 40% of Anchor Paper’s shares to the employees of the company.  Anchor Paper has been proud to be an Employee Owned Company ever since.



The Company bought property in Plymouth, Minnesota, and opened the first retail store. One purpose was to satisfy the needs of customers to purchase envelopes in every color and size, in small quantities. The retail operation has been a great success in providing instant-printers and “storefront printers” with smaller quantities of paper as well.



Anchor opened its second retail store.



Another building, north of Anchor Central, was purchased for additional warehouse space. A Premier Packaging Demonstration Room is included there, to assist in the packaging machine sales. 



Brooke Lee, the 4th generation of the Hartinger family joined Anchor as an Industrial Supplies and Seed Germination Paper specialist.



Anchor Paper Company completed a re-branding including: a new logo, new division designations, a new website, and a new motto:

“More Than Just Paper™”

We are proud of our past. Our experience and experiments have lead to growth and innovation both for us and for our customers. We look forward to serving you as a single-source supplier for the 21st century.