Seed Solutions Division

In 1937, Anchor Paper collaborated with the University of Minnesota, Cargill, and Mosinee Paper Mill to engineer the first official seed germination testing papers. Our specialized papers have filled a niche in the seed testing community ever since.

Anchor Seed Solutions provides a wide variety of germination media including: regular 38# and heavy weight 76# seed germination papers & circles, blue & white blotter papers & circles, Versapak™ (Kimpak®), wax paper, poly & tin-tie bags, shipping mailers, and packaging films & supplies. We can cut any of our papers to your specifications free-of-charge, and we can provide custom printing to any seed packaging mediums.

Seed Solutions happily ships testing papers & supplies around the World. We currently ship products to 30 different countries, in addition to our customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Please contact us for an International quote today!

For samples or more information please contact us today!