Seed Accessories

In addition to our famous seed papers, Anchor Seed Solutions can also source a variety of the daily-use packaging and shipping items that a lab needs. See what our experience in industrial sourcing can provide for your seed germination lab.


Shipping Supplies


Jiffy Shipping Bags

Specialty Envelopes & Bags

Seed Solutions is able to source custom-printed seed bags perfect for storage or printing. We are also able to source custom-printed labels for your seed packaging needs.

Packaging Supplies

  • poly bags

  • tags

  • pressure-sensitive labels

  • boxes

  • shipping mailers

  • stretch & hand wrap

  • tin-tie bags

Packaging Machines

  • case erectors

  • stretch wrappers

  • case sealers

For a more in-depth look at our Packaging solutions, check out our Industrial & Packaging Division.