3M™ High Performance Double Coated Tape 9088-200

3M™ High Performance Double Coated Tape 9088-200 features a modified acrylic adhesive that bonds to most substrates, including difficult-to-stick-to substrates. This adhesive is applied on both sides of a .5 mil PET carrier which adds strength and stability and is excellent for a wide range of applications. A glassine paper liner makes for efficient conversion processing.

A Remarkable Combination of Strength and Sustainability

Like many of our double sided tapes, 3M™ High Performance Double Coated Tape 9088-200 is designed as a go-to industrial tape for long term adhesion in a very broad range of applications where a thicker tape is desired. The adhesive is applied at 3.7 mils to each side of a strong, highly transparent .5 mil polyester (PET) film carrier. The tape resists UV, chemicals, solvents and high temperatures. A 3 mil glassine paper liner adds dimensional stability for effective and efficient die-cutting and other conversion methods.

3M™ Adhesive 375 Family Provides High Initial Tack

3M™ High Performance Double Coated Tape 9088-200 features our 3M? Adhesive 375, formulated for very high initial adhesion and excellent peel and shear performance. This high-performance adhesive has been tested for high peel and shear performance on substrates including stainless steel, polycarbonate, glass, HDPE, ABS and high pressure laminate.

Understanding Double Coated Tapes

In general, double coated tape is composed of a paper, film, or tissue carrier that is coated on both sides with pressure sensitive adhesive. The adhesive is protected by a peel-away liner that can be removed at the time of application or left in place until the joining surfaces are ready to be attached. These tapes can be applied by hand or with a dispenser. Double coated tape dispensers are available in a variety of configurations ranging from manual to fully automatic. Applications for double coated tape are found in construction, fabrication, arts, and hobby.

More Information
TypeDouble Coated Tape
  • Suitable for a broad range of applications
  • Excellent for applications requiring high adhesion and high transparency
  • .5 mil PET carrier is excellent for graphic displays
  • Adhesive 375 bonds to nearly any surface, rough or smooth
  • Resists UV, chemicals and high temperatures for long-term bond
Ideal For
  • POP/POS displays
  • Self-adhesive mounting of furniture trim
  • Sealing profiles and cable ducts
  • Fabric and leather stitching
  • Blind manufacturers
  • Print finishing
  • Splicing
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