3M™ Scotch® General Use Masking Tape 234

3M™ General Purpose Masking Tape 234 features a strong backing and a less aggressive adhesive. It is one of our most popular general purpose crepe backed masking tapes and performs exceptionally well in most indoor applications, having proven itself especially useful in window and door manufacturing.

Reliable Performance

3M™ General Purpose Masking Tape 234 is a multipurpose, crepe-backed masking tape that performs well in both general painting and paint bake operations at temperatures up to 250°F/ 121°C for up to 30 minutes. It also features enough tensile strength to be of use in many holding, protecting and bundling applications. A controlled unwind ensures the tape dispenses evenly from the roll, making it less like to tear prematurely. It is advised that the tape not be subjected to outdoor exposure or prolonged periods of sunlight as it may become difficult to remove. This durable tape can be certified for ASTM D-6123.

More Information
TypeMasking Tape
  • Strong backing is easy to tear, yet resists slivering and provides one piece removalg
  • Rubber adhesive provides instant adhesion and resists lifting or curling, yet still removes easilyg
  • Crepe paper backing conforms and maintains integrity when formed around a cornerg
  • Performs well in paint bake operations up to 250°F for 30 minutesg
  • Manufactured without solvents for reduced environmental impactg
Ideal For
  • Non-critical paint masking
  • Medium temperature paint bake operationsg
  • Holding, protecting or bundling applicationsg
  • General labelingg
  • Light to medium duty attachmentg
  • General indoor useg
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