3M™ Water Activated Paper Tape 6144

Simplify your packing operations with a proven solution. 3M™ Water Activated Paper Tape 6144 is an easy, economical solution to a range of basic carton sealing challenges. We designed this light duty, water-activated "gummed" adhesive tape to provide a strong seal to a wide variety of corrugated surfaces. A 3-way fiber glass reinforcing pattern in the backing adds strength in all directions.

When Being Tacky is Good

3M™ Water Activated Paper Tape 6144, with our 3-way fiber glass reinforcement and high-tack, water activated adhesive, ensures your corrugated boxes stay sealed until ready for opening. In tandem with the reinforced kraft paper, our high-tack water activated adhesive system holds the tape in place throughout shipping, handling and storage. We recommend 3M™ Water Activated Paper Tape 6144 for sealing packages weighing a maximum of 25 lbs. The optimal method for securing a box is to form two C clips on each carton top and bottom. When water-activated, this tape easily and quickly conforms over carton edges and corners to form secure, tamper-evident C clip and I clip seals. Our water-activated, or "gummed," tape is very effective for sealing corrugated cartons, as the adhesive will bond with the fiberboard material to create a strong durable seal and endure the toughest handling and shipping scenarios. Our tape works well on recycled cartons and non-unitized loads. Its reinforced construction assures reliable performance across a range of environments and applications. Our economical packaging tape meets the needs of numerous industries and general industrial applications such as food, beverage, medical pharmaceutical, paper, print, electronics, shipping and distribution centers.

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TypeWater Activated Tape
  • Moistened adhesive interacts with porous surfaces to form a powerful, secure bond
  • Tape forms a tamper-evident seal that shreds if an attempt is made to pull it off before delivery
  • Paper construction is easy to handle, making it ideal for hand applications
  • Boxes are sealed secure, yet easy to open without cutting tools
  • Coreless rolls reduce waste and simplify roll changes

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