3M™ Tartan™ Filament Tape 8934

Tartan™ Filament Tape 8934 is our general purpose clear fiberglass-reinforced tape with a synthetic rubber resin adhesive, ideal for light duty strapping, bundling and reinforcing. Our synthetic rubber resin adhesive provides good adhesion to most fiberboard surfaces, and a variety of plastics and metal surfaces.

High Strength at a Lower Cost

We've designed this tape (PDF, 111.70 Kb) with an adhesive that provides good initial adhesion and holds well with minimum rub-down. The backing, filaments and adhesive combine to provide high tensile and shear strength compared to other general purpose tapes. It allows for printing and illustrations to be seen through the tape. This tape bonds well to many surfaces and holds under a wide range of application conditions with a minimum amount of tape, leading to lower cost for applications where high tensile strength is a main requirement.

More Information
TypeFilament Tape
  • Light-duty high strength tape for utility bundling, reinforcing and pallet unitizing applications
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive bonds easily to most fiberboard, plastics and metal surfaces
  • Transparency provides clear visibility of box graphics, printing and illustrations
  • Tape resists nicks, abrasions, moisture and scuffing
  • Glass yarn filaments add strength for box closing, bundling and more
Ideal For
  • Box closing and reinforcing
  • Strapping
  • Sealing and palletizing
  • Bundling

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