Poly Tubing

Poly tubing is excellent for creating protective packaging for items of varying length because the tubing can be cut to the lengths required and sealed on one or both ends. This film is made from 100% virgin low density polyethylene, which makes it acceptable for use with food products and it’s treated on one side so that it will readily accept printing inks. Tubing can be heat sealed, stapled or taped at either one or both ends

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TypePoly Tubing
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Item #Description
IPT04100064in x 1000ft 6 MIL CLEAR POLY TUBING
IPT1-070407in x 1075ft 4 MIL CLEAR POLY TUBING 2/CS RL
IPT18800618in X 800ft 6 MIL CLEAR POLY TUBING
IPT30500630in X 500ft 6 MIL CLEAR POLY TUBING
IPT484504C48in X 450ft 4 MIL CLEAR POLY TUBING