Industrial & Packaging Solutions for Over 95 Years

Minimize damage, improve processes, and be more efficient with our industrial and packaging solutions. We use our 95 + years of experience to take care of your needs so you can do what you do best.

Packaging Converters

By producing custom materials for your unique packaging needs, Packaging Converters can bring efficiency to your process. With our capabilities, we can sheet, slit, perforate, pouch, and die-cut bubble, foam, and paper.

Sytems Integration Group

This unique service aims to provide customers with personalized solutions to their material handling and packaging line needs. Our innovative blend of engineering and distribution allows us to design, implement, and support a completely integrated system.

Parts and Service

Our factory-trained parts and service department is available to assist you in maintaining your packaging equipment and keeping it operating at peak capacity.

Packaging Equipment

Stretch Wrapping

Get faster throughput, higher load containment, and better cost management over hand-wrapping with Lantech's stretch wrappers.

Case Sealers

Eliminate the hassle of taping cartons by hand with a 3M-Matic case sealing machine.


A conveyor system allows companies to do business more profitably by improving productivity and throughput.

Case Erectors

Eliminate the disruption of a production bottleneck using an automatic case erector.

Case Packing Systems

Optimize end-of-the-line packaging with the automation provided by case packing equipment.

Shrink Wrapping

Protect products and enhance visual appeal using shrink wrap equipment.


More than triple your bagging productivity while also improving accuracy and consistency with bagging equipment.

Strapping Machines

The most efficient way to apply strapping for unitizing and bundling is with a poly strapping machine.

Storage Systems

The right storage system can maximize a customer’s material handling operation through improved space efficiency.

Helpful Questions

What areas do you service?

Our delivery trucks deliver in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro area. However, our sales personnel travel within the five states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.

What products do you stock?

To check stock and availability, please log in to the website or call customer service at 651-298-1312.

Do you have samples?

Yes. We have samples available for all of our products excluding products that are custom manufactured.

Do you do custom equipment?

Yes. Our equipment manufacturers have the ability to modify existing equipment or custom build equipment to best meet your needs.

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