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Anchor Seed Solutions is a world-wide leader in seed testing mediums. We provide a wide variety of germination media and supplies to the research and development labs in the agriculture industry. We do not sell these products online, but our team can assist with your inquiries, quotes, and orders.

Germination Media

Anchor Paper Company collaborated with the University of Minnesota, Cargill, and Mosinee Paper Mill in 1937 to develop the first official seed germination testing papers. These papers have filled a niche in the seed testing industry ever since. Anchor's germination papers assure substratum consistency and have become an accepted standard for seed germination testing worldwide. Anchor Seed Solutions provides a wide variety of testing mediums including:

  • 38# regular and 76# heavy weight seed germination papers & circles
  • Blue, white and blotter papers & circles
  • Versapak™ (formerly Kimpak®)
  • Wax paper
  • Pleated strips

Anchor Seed Solutions products are not for sale online. For orders, samples, quotes, or more information please contact our Customer Service team.

Regular & Heavy Weight Seed Germination Paper

Anchor's 38# Regular Weight Seed Germination Paper is creped to hold small and medium sized seeds whereas the 76# Heavy Weight Seed Germination Paper is designed for larger seeds is twice as thick as the regular weight paper.

Blotter Paper

Steel Blue Germination Blotters allow for easy root identification and can also be written on with a ball-point pen.
White Germination Blotter provides uniform absorption and excellent retention for testing procedures.
Tan Germination Blotter is a naturally colored tan paper with a firm hard finish.


Anchor’s K-24 cushioning material features a 10 second maximum rate of absorbency and an extremely high liquid capacity of 12 times it's own weight. This high-bulk, lightweight Versapack is made of 100% recycled fiber with a neutral pH. Anchor's Versapak is available in one stock size - 16.5" x 24" 14-ply, in tan or white. Custom sheet or roll options are available.

Pleated Strips

Pleated Strips are most often used for pelleted, medium, and large seeds. They are available only in pleated format, 110 mm wide, with 50 double pleats that can be expanded along the length. Grade 1765 is white and Grade 1766 is tinted grey for improved visibility of fine root systems.

Seed Accessories

In addition to the famous seed testing papers, Anchor's Seed Solutions can also source a variety of the daily-use packaging and shipping items that every lab needs, custom printing options are available.

International Sales

Anchor Paper Seed Solutions is proud to ship its product world-wide, currently shipping to over 60 different countries.

Helpful Questions

What is the minimum order that I can place for Seed Germination products?

Our minimum order requirement is $150, we also have quantity minimums depending on the product.

What seeds should I use on which products?

Anchor Paper is a wholesale distributor, so we do not do any testing at our facility, however, we can refer you to specific papers based on our experience with our existing customers, and/or we are happy to send you a variety of samples for you to test to ensure that you are using the correct product for the correct test.

What’s the difference between the steel blue, white, and tan blotters?

Color is biggest difference between our blotters. Some labs prefer the blue over the other blotters if they are working with smaller seeds and need a better contrast to see and identify the roots.

Do you ship internationally?

YES! We currently ship to over 60 different countries. Please contact us for an International quote and we'll walk you through the process.

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Anchor Seed Solutions products are not for sale online. For orders, samples, quotes, or more information please contact us today!