FlexNet Classic

FlexNet® Classic has been the market leader in pallet net for over 20 years, securing loads all over the globe in both agricultural and industrial applications. FlexNet® Classic is known for its consistent aggressive memory and highest quality. FlexNet® Classic maintains its tension and keeps the integrity of the load even under the most extreme conditions. FlexNet® Classic is highly elastic and stretches at least 30%, for more meters per roll.

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TypePallet Netting
    Air Flow
  • All of Tama’s pallet nets allow nearly 100% air circulation.
  • Less machine tension
  • FlexNet® Classic requires far less machine tension than ordinary, no-stretch netting, while still maintaining its superior load security. This helps protect against wear-and-tear on the wrapping machine’s braking system, and enables the operator to fine-tune the wrapping process.
  • Wrapping Security 3rd dimension of stability
  • FlexNet® Classic, when wrapped over the top of the load, supplies the 3rd dimension of stability. The net presses down on the top layer of the load, ensuring added security to the valuable goods.
  • Strength
  • FlexNet® Classic grips every corner and curve, and thanks to its unique production technique, optimum elongation is easily achieved.
  • Protection
  • FlexNet® Classic guards shipment integrity in the harshest shipping conditions.
  • Versatility & Adaptability
  • FlexNet® Classic can be used for all types of shipments in manual or machine applications, and is adaptable to most existing wrapping machines and brake systems.
  • Built in Memory
  • Due to its unique Built-in Memory, FlexNet® Classic enables the load to be wrapped with little or no overlap (0-10%) — which means savings over other less efficient wrapping methods.
  • Environmentally friendly - Recyclable
  • More wrapped loads per roll, less waste, and totally recyclable.
  • Manual Hand Application
  • FlexNet® Classic is uniquely suited to hand application, eliminating the need for physical strength to achieve the required tension.
  • Elasticity and Elongation
  • FlexNet® Classic is highly elastic and stretches at least 30% for better grip and many more wrapped loads per roll.
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