Curious Skin

In its sensual touch and matte visual effect, Curious Skin offers pleasure for the fingertips as well as the eyes, while remaining resistant to rubbing and fingermarks.

Extraordinary papers for those special projects where you need saturated color and unusual texture. Choose from seven unique surfaces and an expansive palette of colors. The Curious Collection is manufactured by Arjowiggins Creative Papers and distributed solely by Mohawk in North America.

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Grade NameCurious
FSC CertifiedNo

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ACP613358427.5x39.3 L 416M 100# DARK BLUE SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP613359227.5x39.3 L 586M 141# DARK BLUE SKIN CURIOUS COVER 50/PKGE
ACP613360527.5x39.3 L 586M 141# MOCHA CURIOUS SKIN COVER 50/PKG
ACP613361327.5x39.3 L 416M 100# MOCHA SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP613362127.5x39.3 L 416M 100# VIOLET SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP613363027.5x39.3 L 586M 141# BLACK SKIN CURIOUS COVER 50/PKG
ACP613364827.5x39.3 L 416M 100# BLACK SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP613365627.5x39.3 L 207M 91# BLACK SKIN CURIOUS TEXT 200/PKG
ACP613535227.5x39.3 L 416M 100# PINK SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP613536127.5x39.3 L 416M 100# LAVENDER SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKGE
ACP613537927.5x39.3 L 416M 100# ABSYNTHE SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP613538727.5x39.3 L 416M 100# RED SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP613539527.5x39.3 L 416M 100# ORANGE SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP616832227.5x39.3 L 416M 100# EXTRA WHITE SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP616833127.5x39.3 L 207M 91# EXTRA WHITE CURIOUS SKIN TEXT 200/PKG
ACP616834927.5x39.3 L 586M 141# EXTRA WHITE SKIN CURIOUS COVER 50/CTN
ACP616835727.5x39.3 L 586M 141# IVORY SKIN CURIOUS COVER 50/PKG
ACP616836527.5x39.3 L 416M 100# IVORY SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP616837327.5x39.3 L 207M 91# IVORY CURIOUS SKIN TEXT 200/PKG
ACP616839027.5x39.3 L 207M 91# STONE SKIN CURIOUS TEXT 200/PKG
ACP616840227.5x39.3 L 416M 100# STONE SKIN CURIOUS COVER 100/PKG
ACP616841127.5x39.3 L 586M 141# STONE SKIN CURIOUS COVER 50/PKG
ACP622551827.5x39.3 L 207M 91# DARK BLUE SKIN CURIOUS TEXT 200/PKG
ACP622554227.5x39.3 L 207M 91# MOCHA CURIOUS SKIN TEXT 200/PKG
ACP622555127.5x39.3 L 207M 91# VIOLET CURIOUS SKIN TEXT 200/PKG
ACP622556927.5x39.3 L 207M 91# LAVENDER CURIOUS SKIN TEXT 200/PKG
ACP622558527.5x39.3 L 207M 91# PINK CURIOUS SKIN TEXT 200/PKG
ACP622560627.5x39.3 L 207M 91# RED CURIOUS SKIN TEXT 200/PKG
ACP622581727.5x39.3 L 207M 91# ORANGE CURIOUS SKIN TEXT 200/PKG
ACP622583327.5x39.3 L 207M 91# ABSYNTHE CURIOUS SKIN TEXT 200/PKG
ACP652205327.5x39.3 L 416M 100# INDIGO CURIOUS SKIN COVER 100/PKG
ACP652210927.5x39.3 L 586M 141# GREY CURIOUS SKIN COVER 50/PKG
ACP654465827.5x39.3 L 586M 141# GOYA WHITE CURIOUS SKIN COVER 50/PKG