Plush and Plastic-like, PLIKE® Papers provides a tactile sensation and artistic innovation with its one-of-a-kind "plastic-like" surface. PLIKE® Papers are ideal for business cards, greeting cards, collateral material, luxury packaging and more.

  • Colors: 9 rich colors
  • Finishes: Plike
  • Weights: 95 lb. Text; 122 lb. Cover
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Grade NamePlike®
FSC CertifiedNo
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Item #Description
NH1596528.3x40.2 L 534M 122# WHITE PLIKE COVER 50/PKG
NH1596828.3x40.2 L 534M 122# RED PLIKE COVER 50/PKG
NH16246G28.3x40.2 L 227M 95# WHITE PLIKE TEXT 125/PKG
NH16248G28.3x40.2 L 227M 95# BLACK PLIKE TEXT 125/PKG
NH1624928.3x40.2 L 534M 122# BLACK PLIKE COVER 50/PKG
NH16251G28.3x40.2 L 227M 95# RED PLIKE TEXT 125/PKG
NH5319628.3x40.2 L 534M 122# BLUE PLIKE COVER 50/PKG
NH5862928.3x40.2 L 534M 122# BORDEAUX PLIKE COVER 50/PKG
NH5863028.3x40.2 L 534M 122# GRAPHITE PLIKE COVER 50/PKG
NH7311228.3x40.2 L 534M 122# ORANGE PLIKE COVER 50/PKG
NH7415228.3x40.2 L 534M 122# ROYAL BLUE PLIKE COVER 50/PKG