Sealed Air Jiffy Padded Mailer Self Seal

An all-purpose, paper cushioned mailer constructed from a heavy-duty Kraft with a uniform inner padding available in ten sizes with self-seal or regular closure. This environmentally sound mailer offers excellent cushioning protection, while reducing freight costs, minimizing warehouse storage space and simplifying inventory logistics.

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  • Excellent Protection - Double folded corners and double glued bottom flap afford additional edge protection and overall bag strength
  • Easy to Use - Smooth inner liner and pre-scored flap allows for easy product insertion and a more efficient closure, also available with a convenient self-seal closure
  • Customer Satisfaction - Convenient tear tape allows for simple, fast opening of the padded envelopes
  • Premium Appearance - Satin gold kraft provides excellent surface for custom printing, also available in white
  • Recycled Content - Our padded envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper fibers with 25% post-consumer content.* Recyclable with mixed paper
  • Sizes Offered - Available in 10 sizes. Special sizes - quotations upon request
  • Damage Reduction - Reinforced corners and bottom offer increased edge protection and strength to this natural paper mailer, providing excellent cushioning protection for an assortment of products
  • Fulfillment Velocity - Smooth inner liner and pre-scored flap allows for easy product insertion and more efficient closure improving labor productivity and increasing fulfillment speeds
  • Cube Optimization - Eliminating the carton and extra packaging material and selecting one of ten sizes that fits the product perfectly ensures a right-sized package reducing freight costs associated with dimensional weight

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