Sealed Air Jiffy Utility Mailer Self Seal

An all-purpose Kraft mailer for shipping non-fragile items. A heavy-duty, double-wall paper provides stiffness and protection against tearing and punctures. When using an environmentally smart product is important to you, these mailers are the right fit. An effective way to protect products while reducing freight costs and improving packing speeds.

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  • Excellent Protection - Seamless side construction and double - glued bottom flap give added strength and security. Extra-strong kraft, double - fold top and bottom help safeguard corners and edges
  • Easy to Use - Stiff construction facilitates insertion of soft items. Available with convenient self-seal closure
  • Customer Satisfaction - Unique tear-tape allows easy opening
  • Versatile - Convenient self - seal closure eliminates the need for staples and tape and forms a water-resistant, secure package
  • Premium Appearance - Satin gold kraft exterior has a premium look and is an excellent surface for custom printing
  • Recycled Content - 100% recycled paper fibers with 10% post-consumer content. Mailers are reusable and can be recycled with mixed paper.
  • Sizes Offered - Available in 9 sizes. Special sizes - quotations upon request

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